Teacher Tips

This is a fun page for parents! We wanted to give you ideas of some of the Teacher Hacks we have at our school that you can use at home.

  1. Facepainting Pencils– We use watercolor pencils and dip them in water to paint on the children’s faces. It’s easier than brushes and easy to wash off!
  2. Sheet Protectors– Make your own whiteboards! If you only need a couple, swing by the office and grab them. Place coloring pages inside, name practice dots, or blank white paper to use with dry erase markers. Great for long car rides and the airplane!
  3. Hoberman Sphere– A “breathing friend” for your child. A common Mindfulness tool for taking breaths is the Hoberman Sphere. It provides a visual of your body when you’re breathing by expanding with an inhale and collapsing with an exhale. It is a favorite “calm down tool” at the preschool that you can use at home when your child is upset.
Bear, age 2, using his breathing friend at his home.